Mani kozhukkattai/Ammini kozhukkattai(மணி கொழுக்கட்டை)is one of a traditional rice dumpling (kozhukkattai) variety. Actually with the same base, we can make varieties of sweets and spicy kozhukkattais.
No need to say it as healthy because it doesn’t uses more oil or other fatty sources. It is simply a boiled delicacy. Usually my mom will prepare normal neer kozhukkattai only. Though this mani kozhukkattai is traditional one, I didn’t try it before. One day my relative sangeetha akka told me about this and gave the recipe too with the kozhukkatai picture. Thanks a lot akka J.
Generally kozhukkattai can be made of two ways,
·        Steaming and
·        Cook in boiling water
All the stuffed kozhukkattais have to be steamed and the plain kozhukkattais like neer kozhukkattai, mani kozhukkattai can be cooked in boiling water.
Here i have prepared this mani kozhukkattai from scratch. I used the raw rice and then grind to get the kozhukkattai maavu. You can simply use the normal rice flour or idiyappam flour but that method will be little different. I will post that method in another kozhukkattai recipe soon.

So now coming to this recipe,



Idly rice                                  1 cup
Moong dhal                            ½ cup
Salt                                          as needed

For tempering:
Oil                                           as needed
Mustard seeds                        1 tsp
Green chilly                            2
Curry leaves                          few
Asafetida                                1 tsp
Grated coconut                      3 tbls
*tsp: teaspoon   
Wash and soak the rice in enough water for minimum 4 or 5 hours.
Grind the rice to a smooth paste adding minimum amount of water. Add salt while grinding. If the batter becomes watery also no problem, but it will make little more time to dry.

Put the ground rice batter in a cotton cloth like dhoti and close with the same cloth for some time around 30 minutes. This time is purely depends on the amount of water in the batter.
The water will be absorbed by the cloth and the batter will become so thick and comes to correct consistency.

Once the batter comes almost like chapathi dough, check for salt. If you want more you can add now and knead well.
Make small sized round balls (like large beads) and let them dry for around 10 minutes. This drying time is just to avoid the balls to stick with one another.

Boil water in a pan. Once the water started to roll boil add the kozhukkattais in to the water one by one. Let it cook in water for some time around 5 to 10 minutes, at one stage the balls will come on the top , that means it got cooked or simply take one ball and check the center whether it is cooked or not.
Drain the kozhukkattais and keep aside.

Cook the moong dhal with little salt. It should not get mushy but have to be well cooked.

In a heavy bottomed kadai/pan add a teaspoon of oil and add mustard seeds and let it splutter, then add slitted green chillies, asafetida and curry leaves.  

Add the cooked moong dhal and sauté for 2 minutes. Add the cooked kozhukkattais and coconut gratings .Mix well.

Serve hot as snack or even for dinner.

The batter should be ground as smooth. Don’t add more water.
You can even steam the rice balls instead of cook in boiling water.
Water should be very hot otherwise kozhukkattais won’t cook properly and chance to get dissolve in water.
While cooking the moong dhal it is better to cook in open pan, don’t cook in pressure cook, because it may get mushy in pressure cooker and spoil the taste and look.
Add little salt in dhal as we already have salt in kazhukkattai also.
You can use red chillies also instead of green chillies.
You can add grated carrot also while sautéing to make it more eye-catching.

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