This is the first sweet i prepared for this year Deepavali and in my blog also. Few more sweets are in my list yet to prepare for Deepavali :) .
It is a very easy  recipe that anyone can try. But need some patience, because this recipe needs continuous stirring on medium flame to get the right consistency.
For this no need to use ghee except for greasing the plate.

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  • Badam (Almonds)                 1 cup
  • Sugar                                   1 1/2 cups
  • Cardamom powder                 1 tsp
  • Saffron                                 Few strands(optional)
  • Water                                   1/2 cup

First soak the almonds for  2 or 3 hours. then peel the skin and grind smoothly using few tablespoon of water. Don't add more, because it will increase the cooking time.
Grease a plate with ghee or put a butter sheet on a plate.
In a heavy bottomed pan add sugar and water. Let it boil until  to get one string consistency.
(if you check the sugar syrup between your thumb and fore finger , it will form a string  ie., one string consistency)

Add the ground badam paste to the sugar syrup and mix well. Add cardamom powder also.
Stir continuously to avoid sticking in the bottom.

It will start bubbling and  will start to spill everywhere. Use a long handled ladle to avoid burns.
For safety you can wear a long handed gloves or  tie a cotton cloth around your hand till elbow.
At one stage the mixture will becomes thick and comes as whole mass as shown in picture.

This is the correct stage, pour the mixture on the greased plate and garnish with Saffron strands.
Once it becomes warm cut into pieces.
If you use butter sheet like me then invert it in another plate and cut into pieces.

After cooling completely store in a air tight box.

  • If you removed the mixture before the right consistency ie., if you are not able to make pieces or if it is still sticky after warm, then no problem  again shift it to the pan and stir in medium or low flame for few more minutes.
  • While grinding badam you can add few tablespoon milk also instead of water.

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