SPICY PEAS SUNDAL(பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)

SPICY PEAS SUNDAL(பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)

SPICY PEAS SUNDAL (பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)

Spicy peas sundal (பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்) is a slightly different sundal recipe than our normal sundals.
It is really much aromatic and tasty.
It is my great dad’s special recipeJ. My father is not an expert in cooking at first. Just he knows the method and all, not had practical experience. Later we three, myself dad and my sister together learnt cookingJ. This is one of his recipe which we likes most. 
My amma’s version of peas sundal is common method what most of us all using. This is my appa's version.I don’t know how he got this idea of roasting coconut, because he won’t watch cookery shows or don’t know to use internet and all. This roasting of coconut with sambhar powder gives excellent flavour to this sundal.
This spicy sundal will bring me my school ,college day’s memory, because after return from the school/college, my father would prepare this sundal and keep it ready as evening snack. I and my sister will fully enjoy this till the last peas. It was our evening snacks for most of the days i.e., at least twice or thrice in a week.
SPICY PEAS SUNDAL(பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)

Ok now coming to this recipe,

Dry green peas                                  1 cup
Coconut (shredded)              ½ cup
Sambhar chilly powder         1 tbls
Onion                                      1
Oil                                           1 tbls
Salt                                          1 tsp or as needed
Mustard seeds                                   1 tsp
Curry leaves                          few leaves
Asafetida                                1 tsp
*tsp: teaspoon ||tbls: tablespoo
Wash and soak the peas for minimum 5 hours or overnight.
Boil the soaked peas with salt in a pressure cooker till 2 whistles.
Once the pressure released drain the peas and keep aside. 

Finely chop the onions.
In a kadai/Pan add oil and add mustard seeds. Let it crackle, then add asafetida, onions curry leaves and sauté well.
Add  little salt to make the onions fry quickly.

Once onion becomes translucent add the sambhar powder and coconut. Sauté the coconut for 2 minutes in low flame.

Once coconut starts to change the colour add the cooked peas and mix well. Check for salt and add if necessary. Sauté for few minute till the sudal becomes dry.

Serve hot.
SPICY PEAS SUNDAL(பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)


  • Dry peas only will be good for this sundal. Frozen peas will not be good.
  • You can use chili powder and coriander powder instead of sambhar chili powder or you can dry roast dry chillies and coriander seeds and powder in a mixer grinder and add.
  • The roasting of coconut is very important to get the nice flavor.
  • Be careful while roasting chili powder as it may get burnt soon.
  • I like my sundal like not to be mushy, just cooked is enough so i put 2 whistles, if you want it to be cooked more, keep one more whistle while cooking the peas.
SPICY PEAS SUNDAL(பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)

Do try this recipe and please don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.

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SPICY PEAS SUNDAL(பட்டாணி கார சுண்டல்)

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