Navarathri is one of the very popular festivals all over india. The way of celebration may vary from state to state, but commonly it is celebrated for nine days and we worship the three main goddesses saraswathi, Lakshmi and Parvathi(Shakthi).
The main thing for this festival is Golu. We keep the goddess statues and dolls in the golu and do pooja regularly for those nine days.
Pooja means there should be something as neivethiyam. Generally we make sundals as neivethiyam for navarathri. For neivethiyam we should not add onion and garlic.
Here is the collection of some sundal recipes and other few recipes like rice/pongal for navarathri pooja/ neivethiyam.
Also have given the link for payasam/kheer recipes and vadai recipes to prepare on the saraswathi pooja and vijayadhasami days.

Sundal Recipes:

Rice & pongal Recipes:


Other Recipes:

Kheer Recipes:

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