First of all Happy pongal to all of you :)

Pongal is one of the most important festival in south india. This festival is mainly celebrated in the purpose of thanking the sun and animals(especially cows and bulls).

this pongal will be celebrated for 4 days. yes., first day is BHOGI. we need to discard old things on this day and will do simple neivethiyam to god. 2nd day is the main festival PONGAL. on this day we have to make sweet pongal(sakkarai pongal), White pongal(we call it as Nandal, nothing but the mushy rice made using raw rice) . these two are the main neivethiyam. along with these two, we will prepare vada, some kootu, poriyal etc.,(some elaborate lunch menu).
On this day pumpkin, raw bananas, and sweet potato should be included in menu.
Third day is MAATU PONGAL(Specially for cows and bulls). on this day in our house we make nandal rice(White pongal) and vada payasam. we will do nevethiyam to the cows and bulls .
we bring cow along with calf inside our house and do pooja to the cow. Evening will enjoy the bullock cart ride.
OMG, those days will never come:(
Fourth day is KANU PONGAL/KAANUM PONGAL. we prepare variety rice only on that day.

Ok now coming to the list of recipes to prepare for this festival.

To view the recipes for Pongal, Please Click the pictures

Pongal Recipes:
Vada recipes:
Variety Rice Recipes:
pulao/biryani Recipes:
Kheer Recipes:

Do try this recipe and please don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.

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