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Pine apple Kesari is such a easy scrumptious sweet. Mostly we make Keshri for sudden guest visits as it requires less time & ingredients. If we follow few tips, this is one of the very easy no fail recipe.

There are variety of Kesari we can prepare with rava(semolina), Vermicelli(semiya etc., We can give variety of flavours by adding fruits like pine apple, mango apple etc.,

This pineapple Kesari is served in marriages too which so soft, gooey, ghee dripping & no need to say lip smacking. We can even make the same kind of Keshri in home too. The secret is adding flavourless oil along with ghee takes the Kesari to next level.

Adding oil gives the Kesari a soft texture even after cooled down. But we should add only flavourless oil.

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Ok now coming to the recipe.  









1/2 cup rava
1 cup sugar
1/4 cup ghee
1/4 cup oil(flavourless oil)
1 cup sugar
Few cashews
Few dry grapes
saffron a pinch
1 cup water 




Clean and chop the pine apple in small pieces

Mix oil and ghee together and keep it ready


In a sauce pan add the chopped pine apple , 1/4 cup water and 2 tablespoon sugar.

Let it cook in medium flame till the pine apples are cooked soft.

Stir in between to avoid burning at the bottom.

Once the pineapple is cooked remove from heat and keep it aside.

In another heavy bottomed pan add a tablespoon of ghee +oil mixture.

Add the cashews and dry grapes and roast till they becomes golden brown

Remove from heat and keep it aside.

In the same add the rava(semolina/sooji) . Add a tablespoon of ghee if required.

Roast in low medium flame for 1 1/2 min-2 mins.

The rava should be fried , but the colour should not be changed.

Add the saffron strands and mix well.

Once the rava is roasted, add the hot water carefully.

Mix well with out any lumps.

Now the water is almost absorbed by the semolina.

Add the cooked pine apple and mix well

Add 1 or 2 tablespoon of ghee and mix well.

Close the pan with a lid. Reduce the heat to very low and let it cook.

Stir in-between to avoid burning at the bottom.

Once the rava is completely cooked and becomes soft, add the sugar.

Don't add sugar before the semolina is cooked fully.

After adding sugar Kesari will becomes watery.

Stir continuously till the Kesari becomes thick.

Add the remaining ghee and roasted cashews and dry grapes and mix well.

Once the Keshri becomes shiny and non sticky on the back of the ladle, remove from heat.

Serve hot ...


  • Using oil gives nice soft textured kesari even after cooled down.
  • Use any flavourless oil 
  • If you like you can use ghee only instead of oil.
  • Roasting rava(semolina) is very important to get grainy (yet cooked) and soft textured kesari. 
  • Cook the rava fully before adding sugar.
  • I haven't added cardamom powder, if you like you can add, but pineapple flavour itself will be more than enough.
  • Instead of saffron you can leave the kesari as it is (while colour kesari) or can add little yellow food colour too.


Do try this recipe and please don’t forget to give your feedback in comments.

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