I am Karkuzhali Praveen , born and brought from a village in river cauvery beds.
Have worked in an MNC  for 3 years and now a happy home maker. I always have interest in cooking and trying out new recipes. I strongly believe in the thought that our mood will reflect in taste of the food.
Actually am having another blog ( and posted my recipes there before. But i was some how not satisfied with that, so only this cooking blog born :), Exclusively for cooking...

At first during the beginning of my home maker profession:) i would make some different recipes, ie., what are all new to me are different recipes in my dictionary:) daily for the evening snacks to surprise my sweet hubby. Afterwards we both started to gain weight so nowadays reduced the new tries but not stopped:)  No other go:)
The first spark to start a blog is to store the recipes(measurements and method), For easy understanding i am posting here with step by step photos.

I started to cook in my 17th age . Before that had some brief idea only which my mom told me in certain times. But after marriage only i have started to try out new recipes learned through internet and other sources such as television shows ,magazines etc.,
From childhood itself i am interested in cooking i think cause i have a notebook in which i have written so many vegetarian recipes which are all telecasted in television cookery shows most from "sappida vaanga" show in doordarshan channel , it is definitely a treasure for me. It is having around 200 recipes which i wants to try all the recipes at least once. Let see:)

Actually at first i posted the recipes with step step by photos only. Now i have started to post videos also. Before i never thought of posting videos, but now it is possible for me.For that i have to thank two important persons. Firstly my sister, she only insisted me to post videos. then only i got confidence to post video recipes also.  Secondly my husband, he have done so many things  for my blogging journey, gifted me a new laptop, taught me to handle DSLR and he is my first critic for my experiments or tries in kitchen. 
And I have to thank one more important person, YES that's my sweet daughter who is in her toddler stage for allowing me to write blog posts, & for allowing me to cook :)

Basically am a vegetarian so all the recipes here are veg only, except in baking section. I like to try both eggless cakes and egg cakes. so you can see eggs only in baked section.

All the recipes which am giving here are tried and tasted in my kitchen.
I am using my iphone 6S plus and my NIKON DSLR for taking videos and photos and using paint , power point and MS office picture manager to edit the photos and windows movie maker to edit videos.

If any one want to use the photos in this blog , kindly inform me before.

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